What Does The Bible Say About Demons

What does the bible say about demons? Where do demons come from? Great questions to ponder. Demons are evil and powerful. They were created when Satan was thrown out of heaven. Demons live on earth and seek to destroy the people and things that God loves. Demons can hurt people who do not belong to Jesus. Demons can kill people. Demons hate God and hate God’s people, so they want to make us sick and sad and even die.

But it is not all bad news! Demons cannot hurt someone who belongs to Jesus. That is because demons are afraid of Jesus and run away when they see him! The good news is that Jesus came into the world so demons would not hurt us anymore! When we believe in Jesus, demons have no more power over us! But if we don’t love Jesus, then demons will try to trick us into thinking they have power over us. If there is an upside to demons, it’s that their power can be resisted with the help of Jesus.

How do we resist the devil and his demons? We resist them by using the power of Jesus. That’s why it’s important to follow Jesus and try and live like Him. When any of us sin, or are having trouble with sin, we can ask Jesus to help us. We can pray and He will help us! He’ll give us the power to say no to temptation, we’ll be less likely to sin, and then we can resist Satan’s attacks on our life because of our relationship with Him.

Where do demons come from? They come from Satan! He is the ruler of all demons. Demons hate humans and want to see us suffer. But they have been kicked out of heaven, so they live on earth with us. Satan has a plan to trick as many people as he can into rejecting God.

What is the origin of demons? Demons were created when God threw Satan out of heaven. In the beginning, God created the earth and everything in it. And it was good! Then one day, an angel named Lucifer decided to rebel against God (Isaiah 14:12-17). By rebelling against God, Lucifer had turned into Satan (meaning “enemy”).

When Satan was defeated in his rebellion against God, he was thrown down from heaven. Satan’s body and soul were separated from each other (Luke 10:18). The body of Satan fell to the earth, while his soul became trapped in the pit of hell. When Satan’s body was thrown to the earth, death and pain came over all life on earth. This is what people have been suffering through ever since.

The earth was filled with violence (Genesis 1:31). Even before Adam and Eve sinned, the earth was sick. Because of Satan’s rebellion against God, the earth became infested by evil spirits. These evil spirits came to be known as demons. But God told Adam that on the day he ate the fruit of a certain tree, he would die (Genesis 2:17; 3:3). This is similar to what Jesus tells us in John 8:44 when He says that “the devil is a liar and he can’t change what has already happened.” We see this happening today when people die from old age, disease, etc.

What does a demon look like? Satan is the king of demons. He is a spirit and looks like the king of the spirit world, which is what we call hell (Luke 8:31). Demons are also called evil spirits or unclean spirits (Luke 10:17). They are created by Satan (1 John 5:19) and are not human. So, demons have no eyes or a mouth. Instead, they have a dark pitch-black “face” with no nose, teeth, or hair. The mouth of demons is different than humans; it’s not for talking. Demons don’t speak because they don’t have language inside them like humans do.

How do we know that demons are real? Well, Jesus cast out demons (Luke 11:14; Mark 9:25). He said that one of the reasons for doing this was that it proved He who sent Jesus really was God (Mark 1:24-26). Demons also recognized Christ because he had power over them (Mark 5:7-13). The Bible says that God commands us to not worship any other gods besides Him and to not worship idols either.

In conclusion demons are made from the evil in our hearts. When we sin, we’re really making a choice to disobey God. We’re choosing to follow a different person or path than the one that Jesus has called us to follow. We don’t have to do this! We can choose to follow Jesus. When we make this choice, we become part of Him, and that gives us power over Satan’s attacks. Demons hate this! They want to try and get us back into following them through tempting thoughts or feelings toward sinful things or people.

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