What Does It Mean When You Dream About Demons

What does it mean when you dream about demons? It’s where my demons hide! The idea of a demon has been a staple in pop culture and religious history for centuries now. There’s something about that shadowy figure, the fear and intrigue they invoke, that speaks to us on an instinctual level. Today we’re going to talk about the types of demons popularly discussed in pop culture and religious histories as well as explore just what exactly it means when you have “demon dreams” or “dreams about demons.”. Some important terms to know: [Possessive and Demon: “demon possession” and “demonology”]

The word, demon in its most basic sense of an evil spirit, actually comes from the 3rd century BCE. It is a Latin word meaning “messenger.” This is very similar to the Greek word, daimon, which also means “messenger.” The Greek republicans identified themselves with the Greek gods and believed that they should be free of worship. In order for them to exist in a free state they would have to find a way to demonize their fellow man instead of worship them. To the Greeks, religion was a tool to control the populace and demonization was their solution.

Originally, a demon was simply a supernatural being that did the bidding of a god or goddess. In most modern religions, the word demon refers to a spirit that is malevolent and/or fallen from favor with the universe. They are generally depicted as part man, part animal (usually an animal of some sort), and their interests include influencing or possessing humans in order to cause harm for their personal gain or amusement. They aren’t necessarily all evil, however; demons who follow the same deity can be allies of humans and they can also play both sides against each other depending on what benefits them most at the time. Some cultures create agreements with demons, while others see them as evil incarnate and will do whatever it takes to destroy them.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About DemonsWhen you dream about demons it is as if most of your brain goes into sleep mode, but the part that dreams remains awake. This means that your dreams can actually be prophetic. That is, if you’re dreaming about a demon then it means that your subconscious knows something that your conscious mind doesn’t. It also means that you are dealing with some kind of unconscious fear or anxiety.

When a therapist is trying to understand what’s going on with his patient, he will ask him to tell him one thing that frightens him. Usually the patient will say “I don’t know”, and so they’ll tell the therapist about one of their fears (such as heights, darkness, etc.) and later on in therapy the patient will discover something specific about their fear that was unknown to them beforehand – for example they may realize why their mother left when they were little or why they have such a hard time in social situations. Therefore, it is common to see that when demons are present in someone’s life, say in their dreams, they may have a specific fear or anxiety around the following things: death, dying, darkness, heights or pain.

A nightmare is a dream where there is something that terrifies you in the dream. Nightmares can be partial hallucinations, which also include things like seeing lights or seeing things move around. While these dreams can be quite terrifying, they are usually not prophetic. Demonology means “the study of demons” and it encompasses the systems of thought used by people with real knowledge about demons that have been passed down over time. For example, it could involve Christian prayers, spells or curses designed to drive out a demon from somebody’s life. Or, it can be a systematic list of characteristics that the demon should have in order for you to “send them back.”

When it comes to demons, it can be difficult to interpret everything that occurs in dreams because your subconscious doesn’t use words. It will use physical images and symbols instead. Your subconscious uses images and symbols based on current events in your life (i.e. if you’re having a drug problem, they might show you scenes that remind you of a bad trip down a dark street, someone with dirty hands, etc.) but those images and symbols aren’t necessarily from your life. They can be images from movies, books, videos games, or other things you’ve seen before. They can also be from a dream you had before. The brain is very good at making connections between events that have occurred at some point in your life (they’re stored to help us remember what we’ve learned) and if you’re asleep, it’s possible that your brain thinks it’s time for those memories to resurface. 

The idea of a demon is highly subjective. We’re going to look at the common traits that pop culture and history ascribe to these beings and then examine just what it all means when you have demons in your dreams.

Demon Traits:
1.) Demigod, ancient demon, urban legend or mythical creature
In most modern day references, a demon is usually used to describe an ancient god that fell out of favor with the current powers that be. For example, in Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy , demons are amongst some of the most powerful figures in hell with Satan (Lucifer) himself front and center as the ruler of it all. In Christian based religious history, demons are the opposite of angels*. They are the dark, twisted, corrupt and distasteful elements of the world.

2.) Literal demonic possession and control
This is probably one of the most popular beliefs out there. In this sense, a demon is not just a metaphor for negative traits (i.e anxiety), but an actual evil entity that either possesses or controls a host. This usually happens while said host is in a weak-willed state such as sleep or if they are emotionally unstable. When someone experiences this they are often left with physical marks as proof of their encounter(s).

3.) Diagnostic tools for dream analysis including sleep paralysis (SP), night terrors (NTH), lucid dreaming (LD) and waking hallucinations.

4.) Continue to enjoy the goodness of life
If you are experiencing frequent, negative and invasive dreams about demons, it may be time to take a step back and re-evaluate your life. Dreams like these can often be a reflection of your current emotional state or actions. For example, if you’re having dreams about being attacked by a demon in your bed at night this may be a sign that you are emotionally vulnerable at night. This vulnerability can then make it easier for negative emotions to take control of your dreams.

So, what do demons truly represent? Well, that is up for interpretation. Some of the most popular interpretations include: fear, wrath, lust and greed. These are often the demons of our own natural emotional state and they can be difficult to deal with. Having a few “demon dreams” every now and then is normal, but if you find yourself having them on a frequent basis it may be time to look deeper into your current emotional state or actions.

The question of whether or not demons are real is not nearly as important as the question of how you feel about them. Are you repulsed by the idea of demons? Do you believe they exist? For many, demons are an oxymoron. They simply cannot exist because they represent everything that is anti-God and anti-love. Therefor they must be figments of our imagination, symbols representing our own worst sins and darkest fears. Or are they something more? The human race has been interacting with demons for all of recorded history in one form or another. The idea of demons may have even pre-dated written history. The undercurrent of demonology can be found in many of the ancient texts from the Bible to the Epic of Gilgamesh. For some, interaction with demons is nothing more than scary stories that told around the campfire. For others, it is a serious topic that can cause real harm.

For them, it is a daily struggle to avoid the influence of demons. For most Christians, the idea of interaction with demons is something that is best avoided. They may have never personally seen a demon, and may not even know anyone who has. The only thing they really know about demons is that they exist and that they are bad. For some, they are simply a necessary evil; it is not possible to live in this world without encountering them. Abandon all hope ye who enter here! It should be noted at this point that this website does not argue for existence or non-existence of demons.

In a nutshell, if you continue to have dreams with demons present in some fashion, it could be a sign. It might be a sign of a demon/evil spirit trying to hurt you/invade you mentally true your dreams. Here are some ways to overcome this.

-You can pray for protection from demonic spirits to God and ask the power of Christ over it and cast them out
-Meditate on God’s name, his power, his holiness/immaculate nature which is protected from evil -Repent from any sins that might lead you into a relationship with demons in the future
-When you notice dreams or thoughts about demons, just shout out “Jesus” and wake up in the middle of it as soon as possible if possible before you get hurt physically or spiritually. It will make a lasting difference!

In conclusion, a few really bad dreams are ok but a few bad dreams followed by a few bad weeks is not ok. Is it the dream or the demon that is the real cause of your problem? Is it your subconscious talking to you or are you just being melodramatic? Is it possible that the demon is an external entity and not the voice of your inner-self? Don’t be afraid if your dreams/thoughts have demons present… Let the power of Christ overcome their power. If that does not help, seek professional help as soon as possible.

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