Santeria Or Some Type of Witchcraft

A couple years ago I was a teacher for special needs kids. I have always enjoyed teaching and working with kids and in particular helping kids with learning difficulties of various kinds. I had this one particular girl I was teaching. This little girl who shall remain nameless for privacy concerns was a troubled child and I was informed that her parents were very much into a kind of unusual religion. To be honest, I heard rumors of Santeria or some type of witchcraft they were into. No one really knew for sure, but after speaking to them a couple of times clearly, they were not typical.

The major problem the kid had was at any given moment all of a sudden, she would explode into convulsions, screaming fits and pure anger at anybody around at the time. The very odd thing about it was when she was acting normal, she was actually very sweet calm child. She also displayed enormous strength levels for six-year-old; she was able to fight off more than one man while they tried to hold her down during her anger spells.

The more I observed the child and her behavior patterns I started to believe we were dealing with something more than just mental illness, anger problems or both. Whenever this child would become angered the atmosphere in the room would change immediately. The room, the air would feel very heavy and it was harder to breathe at times.

The final straw was one afternoon she became enraged and began to speak a different language which she did not know as far as I knew. After this episode I knew down in my heart this unfortunate troubled girl was on under demonic influence and she needed help from someone besides the psychiatrists. Unfortunately, eventually she was taken out of my care and sent to a mental ward for her own safety. The higher-ups feared she would seriously hurt herself or someone else eventually and committed her. Thankfully I hear she’s doing much better now; she is older now and has found religion. (Ex. Teacher)

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