Poltergeist Hauntings

Poltergeist is a German word meaning noisy ghosts. The word comes from a German term poltern which means ‘to knock’ and ‘geist’ meaning ‘spirits’. The clearest defining mark of poltergeist hauntings is the manipulation of the physical environment like unexplained movement of objects, physical attacks, and combustions. Evidence of these activities can be recorded as far back as ancient Roman’s times.

There are countless theories as to how poltergeist activities take place. One theory is that poltergeist is an entity and is capable of interacting with the material world. They have the ability to throw objects, move things at will, touch people, manifest smells and communication by tapping and knocking sounds.

PoltergeistPoltergeist haunting commonly begins with knocks, tapping and loud bangs with no discernible causes. Objects such as furniture will move around on their own, doors will slam shut and lights will flicker on and off. In more severe cases, pictures on the walls will fly off and tables and beds will shake. On occasion objects can go missing, and then reemerge without explanation. The entity may manifest itself as a voice or full apparition. In rare cases, there might be a fire out break with unexplained causes.

Some researchers believe poltergeist hauntings originate from a person in the house hold, a “human agent” The agent is said to be a teenage girl who is emotionally disturbed. It is believed she manipulates physical items in the house through the ability to move objects via the energy generated in the brains. It is also believed that the energy develops in the teenage girl during puberty age. The theory further states that when it appears, the teenage is in the middle of some sexual turmoil or emotions. A series of activities shows and fades during this point. In some cases, it will peak and gradually disappear. While in most cases it involves girls, it is possible that teenage boys and adults may be involved as well.

Poltergeist phenomenon is among the most studied yet least understood of all paranormal phenomena. As it is related to ghost study, the debate as to whether or not poltergeist is in any way connected to some demonic activities has had different opinions over the years. Poltergeist haunting has previously been blamed for destructive and violent activities by a section of people who believe they are demonic signs. Previous researchers have concluded that these kinds of activities were caused by spirits and unknown forces.

Although there is fewer documented proof about poltergeist haunting, the issue of whether poltergeist is caused by demons has some evidence among the Romans.  During ancient times, poltergeists were believed to be demons or forms of demonic manifestation. A record of early poltergeist activity was documented by a Roman writer, Titus Livius. The documentation explains how a shower of stones came from unseen direction and frightened a legion of roman soldiers.

Demonic hauntings are very similar to poltergeist hauntings initially (scratches in the walls, thumping and knocking sounds); however, with demonic cases the manifestations will become stronger, dangerous and darker in nature.

  • It’s extremely important to remember that demons are entities which never had a mortal human form and are purely evil. It is imperative to seek help as soon as possible with diabolic hauntings.

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