Moms Haunted Abandoned House Nightmare

My mother has always beeninto the paranormal as far as I remember and one weekend with her boyfriendwent out ghost hunting. It turns out my mom’s boyfriend who is a very nice guy wasinto the paranormal as well or a least that’s what he said. Personally, Ithought he was just being nice to my mom and played along to make her happy. Consequently,they started going out weekends to haunted locations and eventually fanciedthemselves as ghost hunters and paranormal researchers. In the beginning Ithought it was great, it was nice to see my mom with a new hobby and so happywith her boyfriend. But things eventually went wrong one night after they wentghost hunting at a local suspected haunted abandoned house in a surrounding neighborhood.The house as the rumors go, was haunted by ghosts and even alleged demonic activity; or at least this is what people had said.

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Regardless if you believe in the paranormal or not this house always seemed to be uninhabitable for some reason. So, my mom finally got the ok to investigate the house and was very excited to go including Larry her boyfriend. So, they went and when they finally got home, they told me they had a good time but not much really happened to them or at least this is what they thought. Following the trip, shortly sometime after my mom’s personality suddenly changed dramatically overnight. My mom has always been very cheerful and happy person and all of the suddenly after the paranormal investigation she became depressed and very tired. She eventually stopped doing all things she like doing before and just seemed to start crying at any giving moment. It was quite disheartening to me and Larry to see her such a manner.

Not only did she stopped doing all the things she like doing before every day, she started to shun everyone including myself. At first it appeared she started having difficulties Larry, I just figured it was normal relationship type ups and downs. But shortly after when she started to avoid even me her son, it was apparent something was very wrong. And it all started after they came back from the paranormal investigation of the abandoned house. They did not investigate the house by themselves, they were actually with a much more experienced paranormal investigative crew. Essentially, they were allowed to tag along with the more experienced group.

After discussing the situation with Larry, we decided to seek the help from the paranormal investigative crew to find any possible paranormal connections with my mom’s personality changes. We came up with a conclusion after putting all the recent events together and figured out it was a spiritual attack of some kind on her. The paranormal investigators performed a cleansing of our home and my mom. My mom and Larry then started to pray every night and a priest from the local church came over to bliss our house. Thank god it seemed to work and my mother slowing regained her normal personality again. Since then everything is back to normal and my mom is happy once again. My mom and Larry never went ghost hunting again and even are talking about getting married soon. I cannot speak for everyone, but I do believe my soon to be parents decision not to mess with the paranormal anymore was the right choice to make. Speaking as an observer, the supernatural world is not something to be taken lightly or as a form of entertainment.

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