Demons Were Here On Earth, Before Humans

I never believed that demons were part of any particular religion at all. I personally believe that demons were here on earth since the beginning of time as we know it; maybe even before. These entities are creatures which dwell in a different universe then ours and move into our realm whenever they can, too cause us harm. These demonic entities seek to cause human beings harm physically as well as emotionally. Having said that, if you happen to be religious such as a Catholic, then you probably believe these creatures are also attempting to break you down spiritually as well. So, whether you are religious or not these entities are basically attacking you in whatever important aspect it can in your life, which includes your family.

I believe they have done harm to human beings since the caveman days and continue to this very day. In fact, according to statistics from the Catholic Church demon possession cases are on the rise. Because of this rise in demon possession the Catholic Church has had to train new exorcists to keep up with the demand around the world. As I mentioned before I do not believe demons are religion-based entities, however the Catholic religion does keep a very close eye on them. Hence the Catholic religion can be a very good source of information with regards to demonic entities, exorcists and possession. Demons feed and thrive off of human fear, pain and suffering. This is why they seek to do us harm and not because they serve some kind of satanic devil ruler. Demonic possession is simply the attack and successful takeover of a human body for their own malevolent needs.

One thing that I do agree with the Catholic religion and paranormal investigators alike, is that these entities are not spirits of dead people whatsoever. Therefore, these creatures hate the fact they were never human and wish to possess humans in order to cause harm in an uninterrupted manner in our world. By this manner they can cause harm to the possessed person directly and at the same time cause harm to individuals around this person as well such as family. Also, just like people these creatures can also have more or less different personalities, so some can be much worse than others.

However, generally speaking all demons are evil entities. Some are just more sadistic than others and seek to do more damage. During an exorcism,people are freed of demon possession not because of religion or God but the direct believe of the people performing the exorcism which eventually compels the entity to leave. When people no longer fear them, they lose strength and eventually are forced to vacate and move on. Where they move on after successful exorcism is anybody’s guess, personally I believe they roam around until they find their next unfortunate victim. I would like to conclude by stating this is strictly my opinion on the subject matter.  (Morton)

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