Demons Take Over My Mind?

My exposure to demonic activity all started when I suddenly had a strong desire to learn all I could about demons after viewing an exorcism video on YouTube one night. I was searching for some general paranormal information on YouTube as I did every so often and just happen to stumble upon the video. It was a video based around a supposedly demon infested person who was having an exorcism being done on them. It seems after watching the video I became totally intrigued with the notion of demons and ritual exorcisms. I started to watch video after video on the subject on YouTube and various other video platforms, it seemed like I just couldn’t get enough. Now mind you I was just trying to learn about the topic but was not interested in getting involved with anything remotely satanic at all. However, I have to admit I really was fascinated with the subject though.

The problem was it started to take over my life and my mind, very much like a drug addiction. In fact, it was suddenly overwhelming. I would find myself trying to see more and more videos and reading as much I could on the subject of demons and demon like entities. My interest on the subject matter seemed never-ending, in fact it was only escalating. But I started to get truly scared when things started to change within me. I actually began to truly like seeing these videos and wasn’t getting scared anymore while watching them. You see beforehand I would get very nervous and scared every time I would see one of these YouTube videos or documentaries on TV. But now I was actually enjoying the videos, the television shows and noticed some other changes happening within my personality. I started to like and even crave far darker subject matter in general more than ever did before.

I really started to feel my personality slipping away from me day by day. Then suddenly one day, I knew something was going wrong and stopped my fixation with demon’s cold turkey, thank god. I knew enough was enough, my obsession with the darker side of the supernatural needed to end. Thank god I started to feel different again within a week or two. I started to feel my old self again and have not touched on the subject again like I did before. I still research the paranormal but mostly pass on the demonic stuff these days. All I can say is be careful when you get involved on this topic.

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