Demonic Hauntings

There are several types of hauntings which may occur such as residual, intelligent/interactive, poltergeist activity and demonic hauntings, to name a few. However, demonic hauntings also known as in-human hauntings are very rare and extremely disturbing and quite often dangerous. Demons are real, evil supernatural inhuman beings according to believers. Demons possess intelligence and supernatural abilities which enable them possess homes, inanimate objects and in worst-case scenarios human beings. Demons are neither male nor female however, are capable of depicting themselves as humans or animals when desired. Typically, demons are seen as black shadows or masses, so black they can be observed in the dark.

demonic hauntingsIn most cases, demonic hauntings commence in a subtle way and seriousness progresses in time. At first, some of the signs are incidences of unexplained knocking and banging sounds, scratching sounds in the walls and similar types of noises. Other common signs are things such as the faucet begins dripping for no apparent reason, particularly at night when it’s at its loudest. As the seriousness progresses often things will begin to fall off the walls such as pictures/ dishes and furniture and different items will move on their own. People’s beds will begin to shake and their blankets will be pulled off them. The banging and scratching sounds will increase in intensity and low, guttural growling sounds can be heard.  Animals will begin to act in abnormal behaviors, such as appearing to be scared or defensive towards something which cannot be observed.

A foul stench resembling rotting flesh or sulfur and a relative’s voice calling for you yet no one’s home often accompanies a demonic haunting. Electrical abnormalities, such as blinking lights and appliances turning on and off by themselves, may be experienced. Demons want you to know they are in control and want you to fear them. Demons feed off of this fear. Fear is what demons crave, and the more fear they receive the stronger they become and the greater influence they have upon you and the environment. Once this is achieved personal attacks will commence.

Personal attacks consist of things such as unexplained scratches on the skin, often consisting of three lines which are believed to be the sign of the mocking of the Trinity. Puncture marks, welts and in extreme cases even words or phrases might manifest on the skin. The sensations of being pushed, shoved, being watched or hit are all signs of demon infestation. Temperature fluctuations will occur drastically from becoming much hotter to colder temperatures in some demonic occurrences. Unlike typical ghost hauntings, it is hypothesized Demons enter our world through different gateways. Typically, demonic hauntings are believed to be the consequence of opening supernatural doorways by using Ouija boards, black magic and demonic worship.

Demonic infestations are a very serious situation and you should seek help as soon as possible whether it be a paranormal researcher or preferably by a professional such as a demonologist or the church. In cases of demonic hauntings, time is of the essence.

  • One theory of demonic hauntings is that these types of inhuman spirits like to attack specific individuals which are experiencing weaknesses on both a psychological and emotional level.
  • Even though demonic activity may occur without notice day or night, it will often peak somewhere between 3:00 and 3:30 AM. A number of demonologists refer to this as the anti-hour, due to the fact Christ is believed to have been crucified around 3:00 in the afternoon.

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