Demon Possession Body Odors

Some of these classic horror movies deliver on their promises to scare us, and among them are movies such as “The Exorcist”, “Stigmata”, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” and other terrifying big screen tales of demonic possession/hauntings. These movies, though they embellish the facts wildly at times, do hold some truth to them at least according to believers. Demon possessions are not merely fodder for Hollywood movies and the like; they happen more often than most people care to imagine or truly want to know.

The ExorcistThe idea of demonic possession has been around for thousands of years. Many mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, or even epilepsy were often thought to be caused by demon possession. There was a shift in thinking by the masses with the introduction of many psychological medications. Many people who were thought to be possessed by demons were suddenly cured when medications were administered. But this does not mean, however, that a person is not possessed by a demon or a dark spirit. While demonic possession is not as common as we once believed, it still is something which happens more frequently than most of us know.

The signs of demonic possession can be extremely subtle. For some people, it could merely be a mild behavioral change. This person may not even know they have been possessed. People who use consciousness-altering drugs or alcohol are at the highest risk for possession by demons, as these lost souls seek out people for whom can continue to feed their own past addictions and vices. For this reason, possession can often mimic the symptoms of dependence on drugs or alcohol.

So how do you know if you are possessed by a demon or spirit? While there don’t seem to be any definitive tests to determine whether or not your soul is being inhabited by another lost soul, there are some symptoms associated with possession. One of the most common is an offensive body odor. Some have described this body odor as rotten eggs or sulphur. This is supposed to be the odor of hell’s fire and brimstone. Others have described an odor of cheap cigars, bad cologne, or rotting meat. These odors will come and go, and seemingly have no apparent source on the body, and can be extremely intense. While body odors don’t necessarily diagnose demonic possession, if they seem to have no apparent cause and are accompanied by changes in demeanor, mood, or blackouts, then perhaps the possibility of demonic possession should be examined more carefully.

While the thought of possession by a demon was once readily recognized and accepted, we have since begun to assume people who claim to be possessed as mentally ill. The sad truth is, people who are possessed are often mentally ill, as they provide an ideal host to a lost soul. Others who are susceptible to possession are those who abuse drugs or alcohol. Often, one of the major outward symptoms of possession these people experience is the emanation of a foul odor. These body odors can come and go, and will vary in intensity and duration. For some, this may be the only clue of demonic possession.

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