Are Demonic Spirits Real

A large number of cultures throughout human history have depicted in one way or another, the existence of entities known as demons. Most people are familiar with them through popular media, such as TV shows, movies, and perhaps the occasional report on the Discovery Channel. Typically, demons are portrayed as being horrific creatures which seek nothing but to torment, dominate and ultimately destroy human beings. However, at the beginning, the word “demon” was used to describe wise guardian spirits. Over time, in part thanks to the rise of Christianity, demons came to be pictured as the devil’s servants, spirits which are capable of possessing and controlling human beings under the right circumstances.

Identifying a Demon

are demons real

Out of all the available religious descriptions in regards to demons the one found in the Holy Bible may very well be the most detailed one. Having said that, the majority of all religious texts around the world warns against demons and demon like entities.

Demons identifying characteristics include:

• A preference for taking control over human subjects
• Demons tend to live together in larger groups, allowing them to work with each other.
• As most would expect, demons are masters of manipulation and most of them are quite intelligent.
• Even though demons ultimately serve Satan, they do have a will of their own and are capable of taking the initiative to wreak a person’s life.
• Demons also tend to have a very powerful intuition, being capable of recognizing those who have been granted God’s blessing.

Naturally, knowing how to identify a demon is not enough to truly understand them and their capabilities. It is imperative to also consider what they are capable of doing before deciding if they are real or not.

The Powers a Demon Holds

Needless to say, demons hold numerous powers making them extremely dangerous spirits. For instance, it is said that real demons have the capability of instantly moving from one place to another. However, more alarmingly, it is also said that demons have the ability to influence the course of events in a person’s life, cause physical illnesses and psychological complications.

In addition to all of that, demons cannot be fought physically as they themselves are actually able to have fights with angels, making them faster, stronger, more resilient, and overall infinitely more capable fighters than humans. Finally, as was mentioned earlier, demons also have the power to gain control of human’s minds and bodies, forcing them to do their bidding. Long story short, a demon is literally capable of bending any human on the planet to their will, unless of course the human is using the authority of God.

Are Demons Real?

At this point, it is necessary to understand that demons may not necessarily manifest themselves in our world physically, usually preferring to influence the course of events as well as people’s thoughts and decisions.

While it is true that the question risks to go unanswered for a very long time seeing as how encounters with demons do not leave much, if any physical evidence behind, there have been numerous cases of eyewitnesses who have had supernatural experiences and have come into contact with otherworldly beings, and some of the stories are frankly quite convincing and terrifying.